To Edit the Merge Feature Definitions
1. Right-click the merge feature in Model Tree and choose from the shortcut menu. The Merge/Inheritance tab opens.
2. Select a reference to make an automatic placement constraint or click Edit Placement to modify the constraint type, references, and offset.
3. Click References and edit the following options:
Edit—Controls propagation of annotation features.
Copy Datum planes—Toggle copying datum planes from the reference part to the source part.
Copy Quilts—Toggle copying quilts from the reference part.
Include Construction Bodies—Toggle including construction bodies from the reference part to the source part in the Merge feature. When you select the Include Construction Bodies check box, construction bodies are copied and added to the source part.
4. Click Options to edit the following definitions:
Include Properties—Defines the properties of the copied references to be associative between the target and the source.
Copied Geometry Update—Sets update preferences for the Merge feature.
Refit Datums (available when you copy datum planes)—Changes the size or reference of a copied datum plane.
5. Click Body Options to determine the bodies affected by this feature.
6. Click Properties and enter a new name for the Merge feature in the Name text box.
7. Click Open to change the reference model of the merged part. A warning message appears.
8. Click Yes to confirm the change, and then select an alternative instance as reference from the Family Tree dialog box.
9. Click OK to accept your selection. Notice that the new reference model is updated in the reference collector.
This option is available only for parts that have a Family Table.
10. Click . The merge feature is regenerated with the defined changes.