Using the Combined Views Bar
Make sure you have created and saved at least one combined view in session in the View Manager. Perform the following operations with the Combined Views bar.
Click Manage Views > Display Combined Views.
Opens the Combined Views bar with a tab for each combined view selected for display in the View Manager.
Closes the Combined Views bar.
Click a combined view name tab.
Displays a combined view.
Click or .
Scroll through the combined view tabs.
Click or .
Skip to the first or last combined view tab.
Right-click a tab on the Combined Views bar.
Open the shortcut menu.
Double-click a tab on the Combined Views bar.
Edit the combined view name.
Move the pointer over a combined view name tab.
Display a thumbnail image to preview the combined view.
Select and drag a combined view name tab.
Reorder the combined view name tabs.
Make sure the combined_views_customization configuration option is set to yes before you drag Combined View name tabs.
The thumbnail preview image of a combined view appears after you have opened the view once.
The shortcut menu for the Combined Views bar contains the following options:
Redefine—Opens the <Combined View name> dialog box.
Remove—Deletes the combined view from the bar and from the View Manager.
Rename—Renames the combined view on the bar and in the View Manager dialog box.
Description—Opens the Description dialog box.
Hide—Hides the combined view tab on the bar.
Display Customization—Opens the All tab of the View Manager dialog box.
View—Sets the thumbnail graphic size. Choose Large, Medium, or Small from the menu.