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To Set the Exploded Position of Components
1. Retrieve an assembly.
2. Open the Explode Tool tab from the Model tab, the View tab, or the View Manager.
3. Select one of the following motion types:
—Movement along the viewing plane
4. Select one or more components to explode. The drag handle appears.
When you select translate as the motion type, a coordinate system appears with the drag handle. Select an axis to define the translation axis.
5. To activate the motion reference collector, select the check box on the Explode Tool tab, or click the References tab and select a component to move.
6. Use the dragger to move the component to the desired location.
7. To set motion options, click the Options tab and do one or more of the following operations:
Apply the exploded position of one component to another component.
1. Click Copy Position. The Copy Position dialog box opens.
2. Click the Components to Move collector and select a component to move.
3. Click the Copy Position From collector and select a component whose position you want to use. The component is moved.
4. To continue selecting components and positions as desired, click Apply.
5. Click Close. The dialog box closes.
Select a component and enter a value in the Motion increment box.
To move a component with child components, select the Move with Children check box.
8. Drag the component or component group to the desired position.
9. Repeat steps 4–7 for each exploded component.
10. Click . The changes are applied.
If the View Manager was open before the operation, it reopens.