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To Rename an Assembly or Component
1. Click File > Manage File > Rename. The Rename dialog box opens.
2. In the New file name box, type a different name.
3. To change the Common name, type a name in the box.
4. Select one of the following options:
Rename on disk and in session—Renames all selected components permanently for this session and on disk.
Rename in session—Renames any selected components for only this session.
5. Click OK. The Assembly Rename Component Chooser dialog box opens.
6. To set the File Name Generation options follow the steps below.
a. Select Automatic or Manual.
b. When you choose Manual, select one or more of the following options:
To change text in selected original names to new text, click Use Template. Type the original text in the first box and the new text in the second box.
To add a prefix to the selected names, click Use Prefix. Use the default prefix or type a new one.
To add a suffix to the selected names, click Use Suffix. Use the default suffix or type a new one.
7. To rename dependent children of the assembly or components perform one of the following operations:
To rename individual children use one of the following options:
Select the component name in the New File Name column and type a new name. The Action column value changes to New Name.
Click the Action cell for the component and select New Name from the list. A name is automatically generated.
To rename all children follow these steps:
1. Click . All components in the tree are selected.
2. Click Generate New Names. New names are automatically generated.
8. Click OK.
9. Click OK.