To Investigate References
1. Open an assembly or part.
2. In the Model Tree or graphics window, select an assembly component or a part feature and perform one of the following operations:
Right-click and select Information > Reference Viewer
Click Model > Reference Viewer
Click Tools > Reference Viewer
The Reference Viewer dialog box opens with the selected component as the current object.
To set an object as current when the Reference Viewer is open, right-click an object in the Model Tree or graphics window and select Set Current.
3. Set the reference filters. The graph area displays related objects, references, and dependencies according to the set filters.
4. Click Actions > Info and select Reference Info, Feature Info, or Relation Info to open the information window for the selected object.
When an information window is opened, the system creates a file (grv_ref_info.inf) of the data. The file is stored in the working directory and is overwritten each time a new information window is opened.
5. You can perform the following reference investigations:
Right-click an object or a reference arrow in the graph to access the shortcut menu.
Click next to a graph object. The subitem window opens. Move the pointer over a listed subitem to highlight its reference in the Parent/Child graph.
6. To find a reference in the Graphics Window, right-click it and select Zoom To. The reference appears enlarged in the Graphics Window.