To Investigate Dependencies
1. To investigate the dependencies of a component, select the component and perform one of the following operations:
Right-click and select Information > Reference Viewer
Click Model > Reference Viewer
Click Tools > Reference Viewer
The Reference Viewer dialog box opens.
2. Click Dependencies on the Reference Filters tab.
3. Set the dependencies filters:
Status—Displays only dependencies of the selected status. Click All, Missing, Missing without backup, Not Updated, To Excluded Parents, To Substitute Parents, or Complete.  
Type—Displays only dependencies of the selected type. Click All, Family Table, Substitute, Interchange, Membership, Notebook Declared, External Representation, Manufacturing, UDF, Merge, Configurable Assembly, or Dummy.
4. Set the object types from which references are displayed in the graph:
From Independent Children
From Excluded Children
From Suppressed Children
5. To display reference information, right-click an object, line, or number in the graph and choose Info > Reference Info. An INFORMATION WINDOW opens.
6. To view dependent objects in the Model Tree, click the View > Add Tree Column check box. The Dependency Status column is added to the Model Tree.