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To Create a Zone Using Closed Surfaces
1. Retrieve an assembly.
2. Use one of the following procedures:
Click View > Manage Views > Zone.
Use the View Manager.
1. Click . The View Manager dialog box opens.
2. Click Sections > New > Zone.
3. Accept the default zone name or enter a new one and press ENTER.
The Xsec dialog box opens.
3. Select Inside-Outside (quilt) from the list.
4. Select an existing closed quilt from the graphics window or Model Tree. The quilt appears in the references list.
5. Click to indicate whether components inside or outside the boundaries defined by the bounding box are to be included in the zone (the default is Inside).
6. Click to add additional references to the zone or to remove a reference.
7. Click Preview to preview the newly created zone and click OK.