To Check Clearance
Use the following tools on the Analysis tab to check clearances and interferences.
1. To check mass properties click Mass Properties. The Mass Properties dialog box opens.
2. To check cross section mass properties, click the arrow next to Mass Properties and then click X-Section Mass Properties. The Cross Section Properties dialog box opens.
3. To find all edges shorter than a specified length, click Short Edge. The Short Edge dialog box opens.
4. To display the edge type for a selected edge, click the arrow next to Geometry Report and click Edge Type. The Edge Type dialog box opens.
5. To check the thickness between two planes, click Thickness. The Thickness dialog box opens.
6. Click the arrow next to Global Interference to access the following tools:
Global Interference
Volume Interference
Global Clearance
Pairs Clearance
7. Click Electrical Clearance to check electrical clearance and creepage.