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About the View Changes User Interface
When you retrieve an assembly modified in Creo Direct or view changes to an assembly or assembly component the View Changes dialog box opens with the following user interface items:
Model Tree
Model Graphics
Shortcut menus
Model Tree
The following commands are available for displaying items in the Model Tree:
Search box—Searches expanded nodes for items typed in the box.
Show—Lists commands to display items in the Model Tree.
—Sets the following Model Tree options:
Columns—Sets the display of Model Tree columns
Action check box—Displays the action column.
More—Opens the Model Tree Columns dialog box. Add or remove information columns.
Expand All—Expands all the Model Tree component nodes.
Expand To Selected—Expands the Model Tree to see the items selected in the preview window.
Collapse All—Collapses all the nodes of the View Changes Tree.
Save Tree—Saves the Tree to a text file.
Model Graphics
The Model Graphics window displays assembly graphics.
Show—Sets the display of models in the preview window.
—Displays the following commands:
Show Hidden—Displays hidden items.
Auto highlight on selection—Highlights selected items.
Shortcut Menu—Right-click the preview window to access the shortcut menu.
Shaded—Displays the model as shaded.
No Hidden—Displays the model with no hidden lines.
Hidden Line—Displays the model with hidden lines.
Wireframe—Displays the model in wireframe.
Orthographic—Displays the model with the view direction orthogonal to the projection plane.
Perspective—Displays the model as it appears to the eye.
Frames per second—Sets the number of frames per second. Select a number from the list. The default is 10.
View Type—Sets a view type for moving the model in the Model Graphics window:
Fly Through
Refit—Refits the model view to the window.
Next—Selects the item closest to the pointer.
Previous—Selects the previous item.
Pick From List—Opens a list of items adjacent to the pointer. Select an item from the list.
Use the buttons to set the display of the Model Tree and Model Graphics
Preview window buttons—Sets the position of the Model Graphics window.
—Appears to the right of the Model Tree.
—Appears under the Model Tree.
—Appears on top of the Model Tree.
—Appears to the left of the Model Tree.
—Displays or hides the Model Tree.
—Displays or hides the Model Graphics.
The Legend shows how each type of change is displayed in the View Changes Tree and, in some cases, the Model Graphics window.