About Display Style for an Assembly
You can assign solid or wireframe display styles to components in your assembly. This improves computer performance as designs get larger. There are two main style modes: shaded (solid) and lined. Use the Style tab in the View Manager dialog box to manage the assembly display. The assigned component style appears in the Display Style column in the Model Tree. You can assign one of the following display styles to components in an assembly:
Wireframe—Shows front and back lines equally.
Shaded—Shows the model as a shaded solid.
Transparent—Shows the model as a transparent solid.
Hidden Line—Shows hidden lines in ghost tones.
No Hidden—Does not show lines behind forward surfaces.
Blank—Does not show the model.
Component display styles can be modified without using the View Manager dialog box.  You can select desired models from the graphics window, Model Tree, or search tool, and then use the Model Display > Component Display Style commands on the View tab to assign a display style to the selected models. These temporary changes can be stored to a new display style, or updated to an existing one. When a default display styles is defined, it appears each time the model is retrieved.