About Appearance States
An appearance state captures appearances defined in the top-level model. It contains the appearances defined and applied to the models in the top-level model. Use the View Manager to create, store, and manage Appearance states.
There are 2 predefined appearances in the View ManagerAppearance tab.
Master—No appearances are defined in the top-level model. This state cannot be changed. When you make changes to component appearances, you have to save the changes under a new Appearance State.
Default—The is the active Appearance State when the model is retrieved. You can define and change this state.
When you switch between windows, the current, active appearance in the window of a lower level model is reflected in the appearance of the top-level model opened in a separate window.
Appearance States in Combined Views
When you create a Combined View, you can choose the Appearance State to include in the Combined View. To change the Appearance State, redefine the Combined View.