To Set Zero Position References
1. Open an assembly.
2. Insert a new component, or select a component, right-click in the Model Tree or graphics window, and choose from the shortcut menu. The Component Placement tab opens.
3. Open the Placement tab, or right click and choose Add Set from the shortcut menu.
4. Define a connection for a new component.
5. Select the motion axis in the Placement tab. The collectors below the motion axis activate and the motion settings options appear in the Properties area.
6. Select references on the component and assembly. This is the default zero position. The Current Position becomes 0.00 and the Motion Settings options activate.
7. To set a new zero position, move the offset drag handle to position the component in a new location and click Set Zero Position. The Current Position updates to 0.00.
8. Click the arrow adjacent to Set Zero Position and click Default Zero Position. The Current Position updates to be the distance between the default zero position and the current position of the component.