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To Set the Motion Axis Regeneration Value
1. Open an assembly.
2. Insert a new component, or select a component and right-click in the Model Tree or graphics window and choose from the shortcut menu. The Component Placement tab opens.
3. Open the Placement tab.
4. Select an existing motion axis or define a new one. The Zero Position collectors below the motion axis activate and the Motion Settings options open in the properties area.
5. Select Zero Position references. The Current Position box lists the current positions of the chosen references displayed in relation to each other.
6. Set the regeneration value using one of the following operations:
Enter a value in the text box and click .
Drag the component handle to the location for the regeneration value, right-click, and choose Set Regen Value from the shortcut menu. The value changes as the component is moved.
An invalid value cannot be entered. The new regeneration value appears in the Regen Value box.
Valid regeneration values are:
Regeneration value >= Minimum Limit
Regeneration value <= Maximum Limit
For a rotational axis the default minimum limit is -180 degrees and the default maximum limit is 180 degrees. The difference between the minimum and maximum limits cannot exceed 360 degrees, and must be greater than zero.
7. To enable the regeneration value, click the Enable regeneration value check box. To disable the regeneration value and leave the motion axis free of constraints, clear the check box, or right-click the connection drag handle and choose Disable Regen Value from the shortcut menu.
When a connection is flipped, the regeneration value is also flipped.