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To Place a Component Multiple Times
You can place a component multiple times using repeat component placement or using repeat constraint placement.
1. After assembling the component, select it in the Model Tree right-click and choose Repeat from the shortcut menu or click Repeat. The Repeat Component dialog box opens.
2. Select the assembly reference you want to vary from the Variable assembly references list.
3. Click Add.
4. Select a new assembly reference. The reference appears in the Place Component list.
5. Follow the prompts in the message window to select the appropriate placement references. When you have defined all the references, a new component is automatically added.
6. Continue to define reference placements until you have placed all the instances of the component. Each instance appears as a row in the Place Component list.
7. Click Confirm.
8. To remove an occurrence of a component, select its row in the Place Component list and click Remove.