To Edit a Component Interface
Right-click the component interface in the Model Tree Footer, and select one of the following options:
Delete—Deletes the interface.
Suppress—Suppresses the interface.
Group—Groups the selected interfaces.
Rename—Renames the interface.
Set Default—Sets the interface as the default placement interface.
—Opens the Interface dialog box to edit the interface definition.
—Opens the Edit References dialog box to edit the interface references.
Pattern—Patterns the interface.
Create a Note > Feature—Opens the Note dialog box and insert a graphic feature note.
Information—Opens the browser or the Reference Information window. Choose Feature or Model to display information in the browser. Choose Reference Viewer to open the Reference Viewer dialog box.
Move from footer or Move to footer—Moves the interface in the Model Tree to or from the footer.
Parameters—Opens the Parameters dialog box, edit interface parameters.
Both Copy and Paste commands are available for interfaces, although Paste Special is not.