To Assemble Components to a Reference Pattern
1. In an open assembly, click Assemble or drag a component from the browser into the assembly session.
2. Place the component. The placement references you select from the assembly must be from the pattern leader of a previously patterned assembled component or assembly feature.
3. Select the component in the graphics window or Model Tree and do one of the following to open the Pattern tab:
Click Pattern.
Right-click in the graphics window and select Pattern from the shortcut menu.
4. In the first box select Reference. Reference appears only when the component is assembled relative to an existing pattern.
5. If the existing pattern is part of a group that is patterned, choose one of the following options:
Feature—Reference the feature pattern.
Group—Reference the group pattern.
Both—Reference both patterns.
6. Click to approve and complete the pattern feature. The component assembles to every member of the pattern. Placement constraints that do not belong to the pattern are common to all components. If you modify one component, every other component is automatically modified as with a feature pattern.