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To Replace a Solid Surface with a Quilt
Offset allows you to replace a specified solid surface on the model with a datum plane or a quilt. By default, when you replace a solid surface with a quilt, the system consumes the quilt. To preserve the quilt, define the Keep Quilt element in the dialog box.
1. Select the solid surface that needs to be replaced.
2. Click Model > Offset. The Offset tab opens.
3. From the list of offset types, select Replace Surface Feature.
4. Pick the replacement quilt.
5. By default, the system consumes the replacement quilt. If you want to keep the quilt, click the Options tab and select the Keep replace quilt check box.
6. To complete feature creation, click .
If a child feature references the quilt that was kept with Keep replace quilt, redefining the features so as to not keep the quilt causes the references of the child to be missing.