Surfacing > Surfacing > Creating a Ribbon Surface > To Create a Ribbon Surface
To Create a Ribbon Surface
1. Click Model > Datum > Ribbon. The DATUM: Ribbon dialog box opens.
2. On the Menu Manager, Add Curve in the RIBBON ITEM menu is active. Select the base curve. You can select a single curve or a chain of curves. The system uses the base curve as a trajectory for the ribbon surface.
You can remove the curve with the Remove Curve command and show selected curves with the Show All Curves command. When finished selecting the base curve, click Done Curves.
3. Select the first reference curve. You can continue selecting additional reference curves. When you are finished, click Done Curves.
The system creates the Ribbon surface with the default width.
4. Optionally, you can define the width of the ribbon surface. Select the Width element in the dialog box and click Define. Enter the width of the surface.
5. Click OK to finish.