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Boundary Blend Control Point Parameters
The following parameters for blending curves are available, depending on the type of curves selected:
The selected curve set is blended using the original curve parameterization.
Arc Length
The selected curve set is blended using arc length (constant speed) parameterization in which points at the same fraction of length on each curve correspond to each other.
Only splines with an equal number of interpolation points
Point to Point
Each corresponding set of points is connected to create the surface.
Any curve, curve chain, or composite curve having an equal number of entities or segments.
Piece to Piece
Each corresponding set of curve pieces is blended to create the surface.
Two tangent continuous curves
Each corresponding set of control points is blended so that the surface can be flattened.
There might be no visible difference between the natural and arc length options in the following cases:
Curves that are lines or arcs, whose parameterization is arc length by default
Curves whose parameterization is close to arc length