About Quilts
In Creo Parametric, when you create or manipulate nonsolid surfaces, you are working with quilts. A quilt represents a "patchwork" of connected nonsolid surfaces. A quilt may consist of a single surface or a collection of surfaces.
A quilt contains information describing the geometry of all the surfaces that compose a quilt and information on how quilt surfaces are "stitched" (joined or intersected). A part can contain several quilts. You can create or manipulate quilts using a surface feature.
Accessing the Surface Functionality
You can access most surface commands in the Surfaces group on the Model tab.
Naming a Quilt
You can assign a name to an entire quilt or an individual surface using File > Prepare > Model Properties. In the Model Properties dialog box, under Features and Geometry, click change in the Names row. In the Rename dialog box under Name, click the name to change, and type a new name.