To Place a Reparam Soft Point
You must have already added at least one reparameterization curve to the surface.
1. Open the Surface tab for the surface you want to parameterize.
2. Click . Reparameterization mode is activated.
3. On a reparameterization curve, select a reparameterization soft point.
4. Click the Parameterization tab.
5. Under Reparam Soft Point, in the Type list, select a soft point type, and provide the following additional information:
Length Ratio—Type a ratio value from 0 to 1 in the Value box to place the point at a ratio of the distance between the curve endpoints.
Length—Type a distance value in the Value box to place the point on the curve at the specified distance from the curve endpoint.
Offset from Plane—Click the Plane collector and select a plane. Type a distance offset from the plane in the Value box.
Lock to Datum Point—Click the Point collector and select a datum point.
You can also right-click the soft point and choose a type from the shortcut menu.
To place the soft point at the intersection of the surface and the normal plane that passes through the soft point, right-click the soft point and choose Line Up Curve.
6. Click to exit Reparameterization mode.
7. Click .