To Edit a Surface Shape by Moving Knots
1. Click Style > Surface Edit. The Surface Edit tab opens.
2. Click Options.
3. Select the Advanced Options check box. appears on the Surface Edit tab.
4. Click . The knots are displayed.
5. To adjust the number of knots, perform one of the following operations:
Change the values in the Max Rows and Columns boxes to create equidistant knots.
Right-click the surface and choose Add Row or Add Column from the shortcut menu to add a knot at the selected location.
Right-click a knot and choose Remove Row or Remove Column from the shortcut menu.
You can also deactivate a knot without deleting it. Perform one of the following operations:
Select the knot.
Right-click a knot and choose Deactivate from the shortcut menu.
A deactivated knot is displayed in green.
6. Move the pointer over a knot that you want to move.
7. Hold down the ALT+SHIFT keys and drag the knot to a new location.
8. Click .