To Display Style Entities
You can selectively display geometric entities in a Style feature. Selective display can be used on curves, surfaces, and internal datum planes created in Style in the current Style feature, within the current session. Internal datum planes are not displayed outside the Style feature.
To visually remove an entity from display, right-click the entity and choose Hide.
To display a previously hidden entity, right-click the entity in the Style Tree and choose Unhide.
To display all the previously hidden entities within a Style feature, right-click the graphics window and choose Show All.
To hide all the entities except specific entities to display, select one or more entities to keep displayed, right-click, and choose Show Only.
When you edit the definition of a Style feature, all the hidden entities are displayed when you select OK or Cancel to exit the feature.
You can add Hide, Unhide, Unhide All, and Show Only as icons to the Style tab using File > Options > Customize Ribbon.