Surfacing > Creo Interactive Surface Design (Style) > Curves > Creating Curves > Offset Curves > To Create an Offset of a Curve on Surface
To Create an Offset of a Curve on Surface
1. In the Model Tree, select the Style feature that contains the curve on surface (COS), and then right-click and choose Edit Definition. The Style tab opens.
2. Click Style > Curve > Offset Curve. The Offset Curve tab opens.
3. Click the collector, and then select one or more curves on surface (COS) to offset.
4. To set the distance to offset the curve, type a value in the Offset box, or drag the handle on the curve.
Typing a negative value in the Offset box reverses the direction of the offset.
5. To export the offset value for modification outside of Style, select the Offset check box.
6. To offset the curve perpendicular to the reference plane, select the Normal check box.
7. To extend the start or end point of the curve to the nearest surface boundary, click the Options tab, and then select the Start or End check box.
If you select more than one curve, the start points or end points for all the curves extend to the nearest surface boundary.
8. Click .