To Create an Arc in Style
1. Click Style > Curve > Arc. The Arc tab opens.
2. Select the type of arc to create:
—Creates an arc that can be moved freely and is not constrained by any geometric entity.
—Creates an arc that lies on the specified plane. By default, the active plane is the reference plane.
3. Click anywhere in the graphics window to place the center of the arc.
4. To change the reference plane, click the Reference collector on the References tab, and select a new reference plane.
5. To change the radius, type a value in the box, or drag the handle on the arc.
6. To set the start and end location of the arc, type an angle value in the Start and End boxes, or drag the handles on the arc ends.
7. To move the arc, drag the center of the arc.
8. To maintain the curve shape during edits by moving the free points in proportion to the soft points, click the Options tab, and select the Proportional Update check box.
A curve without proportional update only changes shape at the soft point during edits.
9. Click .