Surfacing > Creo Interactive Surface Design (Style) > Surfaces > To Create a Trimmed Rectangle Surface
To Create a Trimmed Rectangle Surface
1. Click Style > Surface. The Surface tab opens.
2. Select three or more chains that intersect to form a contiguous boundary. A preview surface is displayed.
3. To modify a boundary chain, trim or extend it.
4. To add internal curves, click the collector, or click References and click the Internal collector, and select curves.
5. Click Options.
6. To create a 3-sided or a 4-sided trimmed rectangle surface, under Trimmed Rectangle, select the Use for 3 and 4 boundaries check box.
When you select two, or more than four, boundary chains, a Trimmed Rectangle surface is created automatically.
7. To create surface connections, right-click the connection icons and choose a connection type from the shortcut menu.
Reparameterization curves are not supported for trimmed rectangles.
8. Click .