To Convert Curves
Use this procedure to convert planar curves, radial path planar curves, COSs defined by points, and dropped COSs to the curve types listed in the table. To convert a COS by intersect, see To Convert a COS by Intersect.
Curve Type
Can Covert to Curve Type
Planar curve, radial-path planar curve, COS defined by points
Free curve
Dropped COS
Dropped on a surface, intent surface, quilt—COS defined by points
Dropped on a datum plane—Planar curve
COS by intersect
COS defined by points
1. In the Model Tree, right-click the Style feature that contains the curve to convert, and choose Edit Definition. The Style tab opens.
2. Select one or more curves to convert.
Free curves cannot be converted.
3. Click Style > Curve > Convert. You are asked for confirmation.
4. To complete the conversion, click Yes. To cancel the conversion, click No.