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Defining a Close Point's Tangents
Perform the following operations to define the tangents of a closed curve's close point:
There is no tangency control on the endpoints of periodic curves.
Select the close point.
Activates the start of the close point and the leader tangent.
Select the tangent tail.
Flips the tangent and designates a new leader.
Drag tangent tail.
Modifies the direction.
Drag tangent head.
Modifies the tangent length.
Select the tangent head.
Changes the constraint from Tangent to Curvature.
Changes the constraint from Curvature to Tangent.
Right-click a point and choose Select End Point.
Activates the end of the close point and the follower tangent.
Activate the leader tangent or the follower tangent, and then, on the Tangent tab, set values for the tangent parameters.
Changes the tangent parameters.