About Multiple Curve Edits
You can edit multiple curves simultaneously using the Curve Edit tab. You can drag points or curves in the graphics window, or specify exact placement or measurement values. Perform the following operations on multiple curves:
Edit Type
Moving points and curves
Move multiple points or drag tangents on one curve
Move one point or tangent on multiple curves
Move multiple points or tangents on multiple curves
Offset multiple planar curves
Adjusting tangents
Change tangent type
Change the length, angle, or elevation of one or more tangents
Change one or more draft angles
Set length type to fixed or relax
Add G1 - Surface Tangent, G2 - Surface Curvature, G3 - Surface Acceleration, or Draft Tangent constraints
Changing curve type or reference
Convert planar curves to free curves and vice versa
Convert COS curves to free curves
Change references for planar curves
You cannot perform the following operations on a group of curves:
Add points or delete points
Combine or split curves
Change the soft point constraints, including the Unlink operation
Set the degree for the curves