Surfacing > Scan Tools > Surface and Curve Manipulation > Modifying Surfaces > To Modify a Surface Using the Control Polyhedron
To Modify a Surface Using the Control Polyhedron
1. Click Edit > Modify in Scan Tools.
2. Select a spline surface to modify. The Modify Surface dialog box opens.
3. Click.
4. Define the movement plane. Select from Dynamic Plane, Defined Plane, or Original Plane.
5. Specify the direction for tweaking the surface. You can tweak the surface in one or two directions. For two directions, you can use a combination of two options. Select from First Direction, Second Direction, or Normal Direction.
6. You can now select a point and drag it to the new location.
7. Optionally, click Region to define the Poly Motion Region.
8. Optionally, click Diagnostics to enable the dynamic display of the selected analyses.
9. Optionally, click Boundaries Constraints to set boundaries constraints.
10. To use sliders, select a point to drag, click Sliders, and move the sliders in each direction.
11. Click OK to finish the operation.