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About the Scan Tools Environment
Scan Tools is a non-parametric environment that lets you focus on a particular area of your model and use a variety of tools to achieve the required shape and properties of surfaces.
To isolate your design activities in a single feature, Scan Tools uses the independent geometry feature concept. When you access Scan Tools, you start working with an independent geometry feature. This feature is a compound feature that comprises all geometry and reference data created or imported into Scan Tools.
All geometry imported and created inside the independent geometry feature becomes part of this feature. Objects internal to the feature, such as individual surfaces, curves, and so on do not have parent-child dependencies outside the feature or between each other. This enables you to freely manipulate surfaces without being concerned with references and parent-child relationships between the feature objects and the rest of the model.
You can work with all datum and surface features in Scan Tools.
When you exit the Scan Tools environment, Scan Tools stores all your changes in the independent geometry feature.
You can click the following buttons on the Scan Tools ribbon tab to access some of the commonly used commands:
Selection > By Filter
Edit > Modify
Exit > OK
Exit > Cancel