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Troubleshooting Failures in Freestyle
When there is a failed entity in a Freestyle feature, the Troubleshooter dialog box opens with the details of the failed operation. Click an item on the dialog box to view the details with troubleshooting tips. In most alignment-related failures, you can realign or unlink the specific edges or faces to fix the failure. If you close the dialog box, you must click Operations > Resolve to open it again.
The following are some of the reasons for the regeneration failure:
Resultant geometry is invalid.
Resultant geometry is singular.
External alignment references for an edge or a face are inappropriate or missing.
The selected pair of curves is no longer connected.
Ghost curves have failed in case of mirrored mesh elements.
A planar reference for an edge that was used for normal alignment has become linear or non-planar.
Alignment curve reference is missing for a mirrored mesh in case of dependent and independent mirroring operations.
Presence of doublet vertices in the geometry.
Regeneration Failure in Freestyle Align Features with Solid Geometry Connection
A model that has Freestyle feature with aligned to solid geometry connection may fail to regenerate in Creo Parametric 7.0.
To accurately regenerate the Freestyle feature which has alignment type of Solid Geometry, redefine that feature before making any modifications to the bodies.