Surfacing > Freestyle > Manipulating the Control Mesh > To Scale the Control Mesh
To Scale the Control Mesh
1. Create or import a shape.
2. Right-click the graphics window and select . Alternatively, click Freestyle > Scale. The dragger changes to a 3D scaling dragger and a bounding box appears around the selection. If required, you can relocate the 3D scaling dragger onto the sides of the bounding box.
3. Perform one of the following operations to scale the control mesh:
1D scaling—Pull a scaling dragger.
2D scaling—Pull a plane of the scaling dragger.
3D scaling—Hold down the CTRL key and pull a scaling dragger.
You can also perform 1D scaling by holding down the ALT key and pulling a handle of the scaling dragger in the required direction.
For operations like extrude, split, or connect, Scale changes to Transform on the Freestyle tab after you complete the operation.
Middle-click anywhere in the graphics window or click on the circular menu or the Ribbon to change to the default manipulation option.