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About Manipulating the Dragger
The dragger is a graphical tool in the Freestyle Modeling environment that appears when you click a control mesh. The initial placement and orientation of the dragger are determined by the chosen type of mesh element.
You can use the dragger to manipulate and scale mesh elements on the control mesh. The axes of the dragger are referred to as handles. The dragger supports linear, planar, and free translations, and angular movements for the control mesh manipulation. It provides translation, rotation, and orientation draggers for easy movement or rotation. You can manipulate the dragger itself to specify a direction for the movement or rotation. The dragger also supports linear, planar, and 3D scaling. The commands to manipulate the dragger are available on the Freestyle tab and a shortcut menu that appears when you right-click the dragger.
The incremental snapping values and their display for linear and angular movements and linear (1D, 2D, and 3D) and planar scaling in the Freestyle Options dialog box are determined by the following configuration options:
centimeter_ grid_interval
foot_ grid_interval
inch_ grid_interval
user_defined_ grid_interval
You can copy all the above configuration options to your file and update their values as required.
You can click Improve performance during dragging in the Freestyle Options dialog box to improve the performance of mesh manipulation. This will temporarily reduce the graphics quality. By default, the check box is clicked. You can change the default setting for the Improve performance during dragging check box from the freestyle_drag_performance configuration option. You must set the value for the configuration option before you begin a Freestyle session.