To Route Flexible Hoses with Minimum Bend Radius
1. Click Applications > Piping.
2. Click Setup > Line Stock and select Create.
3. Type the new line stock name and click . The LineStock dialog box opens.
4. Set the line stock parameters and set the Shape Type to Flexible.
5. Click the DesignRule tab in the LineStock dialog box.
6. Type a value for the Min Bend Radius under Design Rule Parameters. The parameter value is used as a guideline to maintain an accurate representation of the flexible hose.
7. Route the flexible hose.
8. Check for bend radius violations using the Design Rules Check dialog box.
Depending on the hose configuration, the specified minimum bend radius value can be violated during routing. A message appears when a violation has occurred. All violations of the bend radius are reported by both the Design Rules Check dialog box and the standard Creo Parametric Geometry Check tool.