To Obtain Pipe Length Information
1. In the Report Pipeline dialog box, under Info Type, click Length.
2. Under Definition, click Pipe Line, Line Stock, or Segment.
If you click Pipe Line, select a name from the LINE NAMES menu, and click Done Sel. Go to Step 3.
If you click Segment, click and select a segment from the graphics window. Go to Step 3.
If you click Line Stock, select a name from the STOCK NAMES menu, and click Done Sel. The system displays the stock length information in the Results box.
3. Using commands in the Length Type box, do one of the following:
Click Pre-Cut to calculate the true pipeline length, the green centerline length plus the extra needed for miter cuts and branches. The system calculates the farthest extent of the solid along the direction of the pipeline to take into account miter cuts or branch cuts. Therefore, for precut length, it provides the minimum length of stock that should be purchased to make the piping, including complex cut geometry.
Click Center Line to calculate the pipeline length along its centerline, the length of the green centerline of the selection (segment or entire line) minus any cut-back operations for inserted fittings or branches. The length is always equal to the length of the green centerline of the branch to the reference centerline.
4. Click Info. The INFORMATION WINDOW opens and displays the requested information.
5. To save the information from the Results box and create a data file, click Saved Analyses, type a name for the file, and click . You can retrieve the saved analysis with the Retrieve button or delete it after you have closed the dialog box. The file is saved with an extension .dat in the working directory.