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To Modify Insulation Assigned to a Pipeline
Spec-Driven Piping allows you to modify the insulation assigned to an entire spec-driven pipeline or assign insulation to an entire uninsulated pipeline. You can add or modify insulation at any time. However, you cannot use this procedure to delete insulation or modify insulation assigned to part of a pipeline.
1. Click Modify. The Modify Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Under Active Assembly, Piping displays the current active assembly. If the pipeline to insulate is in a different assembly, click and select the assembly that contains the pipeline. You can select the assembly from either the Model Tree or the Piping System Tree, or by selecting the pipeline in the graphics window.
3. Under Modify Options, click Edit Pipeline. The Edit Pipeline dialog box opens.
4. If active assembly contains multiple pipelines, select the pipeline to insulate from the Select Pipeline box.
5. Click the Label tab.
6. Under Pipeline Label, modify the insulation code for the selected pipeline. Two conditions apply for insulation modification:
If an insulation code was assigned to the pipeline, the Insulation box displays the code. You can select another insulation code from the list to change the insulation.
If an insulation code was not assigned to the pipeline, select the Insulation check box and select an insulation code from the list to insulate the pipeline.
7. Click OK to save the selections. Piping modifies the insulation data in the insulation feature in the active assembly.
8. Retrieve insulation information ( Piping Info) to view the assigned insulation data.
9. Click to regenerate the assembly and update the model display.
The following Specification Database files must be populated with insulation data in order to assign insulation to spec-driven pipelines:
Insulation Directory file (Project Data file) must contain records for the insulation codes.
Insulation MCAT file (Master Catalog file) that is assigned to an insulation code must contain insulation data.
Optionally, Spec-Driven Piping can create insulation quilts after you create pipe solids.