About the Bending Point
Bending point is the point where the bending starts. The distance between two bending points or the distance between a bending point and a pipe end represents the bending point.
Theoretical bending point—The bending point that is derived directly from a pipe 3D model as shown in the following figure.
1. First bending point
2. Second bending point
a(n) Bending angle
b(n) Bending length
l(n) Bending point location
r(n) Bending radius
When flanges are welded to the pipe before bending, the flange faces are the bending start and end points as shown in the following figure:
1. Bending end
2. Second bending point
3. First bending point
4. Bending start
Real bending point—If the bending point moves away from the theoretical location, you must mark the real bending point on the pipe before the actual bending.
The bending points move away from their theoretical locations during the bending process due to the following:
Bending spring back
Bending elongation