About Piping Template Parts
With Piping you can now specify a template part that will be used for the creation of pipe solids. The piping template part may contain datum features, parameters, saved views, and colors, but cannot contain any geometry features. This functionality also helps you to orient piping features while in Drawing mode.
Set the start_model_dir configuration file option to specify a complete path to the directory where template parts and assemblies can be stored. This directory will be the default directory. When you select a Piping template part from which to copy, the File Open dialog box goes to this directory by default.
This functionality also helps you to orient piping features in Drawing mode.
The Pipe Solid dialog box supports this functionality. In this dialog box, you can perform the following functions:
Assign a standard template part with the Copy From command.
Pipe solid parts have default names based on the pipeline name that can be Renamed in the Solid Name dialog box.
Create the pipe solid with the Make or OK command.
Remove the pipe solid with the Erase command.
The Creo Parametric window updates immediately when you use the Make and Erase commands. The dialog box also shows a sample of a solid pipe after you click Make.