Insulation Directory Files
About Insulation Directory Files
Insulation Directory files are Pro/TABLE (ASCII) files that store all insulation data for a piping project. To create an Insulation Directory file, define insulation records by assigning the following insulation data using the Define Piping Specification dialog box:
Insulation codes—All insulation codes assigned to a piping project. Spec-Driven Piping retrieves these codes from the Insulation Directory file and uses them to identify each insulation type during the insulation modeling and reporting process. You assign each code to an Insulation Master Catalog (MCAT) file.
Insulation MCAT file names—All Insulation file names stored in the Piping MCAT Directory file. These file names point to the Insulation MCAT files. Spec-Driven Piping retrieves insulation data for pipe and fittings from these files.
Insulation colors—Color name for each quilt representation of insulation. You can assign a color to each insulation code. Spec-Driven Piping retrieves colors from the Piping Appearance Map (MCAT) File.
After you create an Insulation Directory file, you can assign an insulation code to each project specification record (Specification Directory file) using the Define Piping Specification dialog box (Insulation Code box).
How Insulation Directory Files Work
After you select a specification for pipeline creation, Spec-Driven Piping retrieves the specification data including the insulation code from the Specification Directory file. The insulation code directs Spec-Driven Piping to the appropriate insulation record (in the Insulation Directory file) where Spec-Driven Piping retrieves the insulation color and the Insulation MCAT file name.
The Insulation file name points Spec-Driven Piping first to the Piping MCAT Directory file and then to the Insulation MCAT file. Insulation data is retrieved from both files. Spec-Driven Piping copies the insulation data to the insulation features for insulation modeling and reporting.
The following table describes the Insulation Directory file format:
Field Name
Insulation code.
Spec-Driven Piping uses these codes to identify each insulation type during the insulation modeling and reporting process.
Insulation MCAT file name.
Color name for each quilt representation of insulation.
You can define the Insulation Directory file name by setting the piping_insulation_dir_file configuration option.
To Create an Insulation Directory File
1. Create or open a piping assembly.
2. Click Applications > Piping. The Piping tab opens.
3. Click Spec DB. The Define Piping Specification dialog box opens.
4. Click to create a new file. The New File dialog box opens.
5. Under Type, select Insulation directory file and type a file name. This file will contain the insulation data for the entire piping project. It is recommended that you use a descriptive file name such as project_name_insulation_dir.ptd.
6. Click OK to open the file. Spec-Driven Piping displays the file name in the border next to Insulation Directory File. Begin defining an insulation record.
7. Under Define Record, type an insulation code (required). The Insulation Code box lists all insulation codes assigned to the insulation records in the current Insulation Directory file.
8. Select an Insulation Master Catalog (MCAT) file (required). This step assigns an Insulation file to an insulation code. The Insulation File box lists all Insulation files defined in the Piping MCAT Directory file. Spec-Driven Piping retrieves all insulation data from both MCAT files.
9. Select a color for the solid representation of the insulation (required). The Insulation Color box lists all Spec-Driven Piping colors stored in the Piping Appearance Map (MCAT) file. You can define new colors.
10. Click to add the new insulation record to the Insulation Directory file. Spec-Driven Piping lists the record under Select Record.
11. Click to save the Insulation Directory file. The current directory is based on the directory path in the piping_project_data_dir configuration option.
12. Click File > Exit.
To assign an insulation record to a project specification, select an insulation code when you define a specification in the Specification Directory file.
Example: Insulation Directory File
Default Path
<Creo load point>/text/piping_data/sample_project/piping_insulation_dir.csv