About Designating Pipeline Reports
You can designate some reports in specification-driven Piping by clicking from the Report Pipeline dialog box. You can then generate and designate the following reports:
Bend Location
Bend Machine
Holes Report
Clocking Angle
Designatable reports are only available when the piping_enable_designate_report configuration option is set to yes.
When you designate a pipeline report, the information for that pipeline is stored in the assembly. When you select the Designate check box, the report is available in the drawing associated with the selected pipe segment.
You can also use Pro/REPORT with Spec-Driven Piping to view and remove report setups using Show Report Setup under Info Type in the Designatable Reports dialog box.
Under Saved Analysis, you can save information for bend location, bend machine, holes report, and clocking angle. You can also name, retrieve, or delete the saved information or analysis and designate this information for report setup. To retrieve a saved analysis click Retrieve under Saved Analysis. The analysis is displayed under Results in the Designatable Reports dialog box. You can delete a saved analysis by clicking Delete under Saved Analysis.