AEC Object Type File
The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Object Type file lists the user-definable object types and their correspondent AEC object types. These user-definable object types are displayed in the options lists of Select Object Type in the Annotate Attr/Params dialog box.
The default AEC Object Type file name is aec_object_type.ptd, and it is available at <creo_load_point>/text/aec_data.
Use the Pro/TABLE tool to view and edit this file outside Creo Parametric. Set the following option in your file to use a customized AEC Object Type file:
aec_object_type_file <customized_aec_object_type>.ptd
This file has a tabular format and consists of the following two columns:
User Object Type
The first column specifies the type of object specified by the user.
AEC Object Type
The second column specifies the AEC object type for the corresponding object specified in the first column.
The list also includes object types Part and Feature. Use these object types to select any standard part or feature from the drawing.