To Set External Reference Control Scope for Specific Objects
You can specify a particular scope setting and external reference-handling scheme for a specific object. The information is stored with the object and is in effect for each part or assembly file in which the object appears.
You can set external reference control scope both at model and component level.
1. Use one of the following methods to control the reference scope and handling for a component.
To set the reference scope and handling for a part in Part mode, click File > Prepare > Model Properties to open the Model Properties dialog box and click change in the Reference Control line.
To set the reference scope and handling for a subassembly within an assembly,
1. Click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box that opens.
2. Click change in the Reference Control line. The External Reference Control dialog box opens.
3. Select Inside subassembly.
In the Model Tree, right-click to select Reference Control for a part, a part within an assembly, or a subassembly within an assembly.
Each of these methods opens the External Reference Control dialog box.
2. The Accessible tab is selected by default. If not, click the Accessible tab.
Under Components allowed to be referenced, define the scope of components you want to be referenced by selecting one of the following:
All—Allows you to create any external references to any other component. This setting is equivalent to having no scope control at all.
Inside subassembly—Allows you to create external references only to components of the same subassembly.
Skeleton Model—Allows you to create external references to skeleton models only.
None—Allows no external references to be created.
3. Click the Backup forbidden references check box to create out-of-scope references. In this case, you can create an out-of-scope reference as an invisible local copy only.
Else, clear Backup forbidden references to prohibit the creation of external references that violate the scope. In this case, if creation of an out-of-scope reference is attempted, the action stops and a message identifying the part or model whose scope has been violated appears.
4. Click the Shared tab.
Under Geometry allowed for referencing, if you want to restrict selection of external references to only published geometry, select Published geometry. You can also specify whether you want to restrict selection for all models or only for models with published geometry.
Under Allowed placement references, specify if you want to reference entire geometry with component constraints or only component interfaces as component constraints.
If there are object-specific settings as well as an environmental setting for scope control on an object, the system enforces the more restrictive setting for the object.