To Insert Jogs
You can insert a jog only for the following annotations. The Insert Jog command is applicable for annotations with leaders.
linear dimension (standard and ordinate) and angular dimension witness lines
datum targets
surface finish symbols
To insert a jog:
1. Select a dimension.
2. Move the pointer close to the witness line to which you want to add a jog till the pointer changes to .
3. Right-click and click Insert Jog on the shortcut menu. The witness line on which you want to insert a jog is highlighted as you move the pointer over it.
4. Select a start point and an end point of the jog. The jog is added.
The start point must lie on the witness line.
To insert multiple jogs on one or more witness lines:
1. Select one or more dimensions.
2. Right-click outside the model in the graphics window.
3. Click Insert Jogs on the shortcut menu. The witness lines on which you can insert jogs are highlighted as you move the pointer over them.
4. Move the pointer over a witness line. When it is highlighted, select a start and an end point for the jog. The jog is added.
The start point must lie on the witness line.
5. To add multiple jogs in the selected dimensions repeat step d.
6. Middle-click when finished.
When you insert a jog in a witness line Creo Parametric adds a handle at the start and end points of the jog. These handles are called jog draggers.
If you attempt to place the second point of a jog within a break, the break is reduced or eliminated if the second point is beyond the break.
You can reposition jogs by selecting the dimension and dragging the jog dragger to the required point. The dimension witness line changes shape as you move the dragger. You can move the dragger only in the XY-direction of the current annotation plane.
To position the jog end points with ease, set the orientation of the model same as the annotation plane of the dimension you are modifying.
The movement of the jog dragger closest to the attachment point of the dimension is restricted to movement that is parallel to the witness line. You can move additional jogs in the XY-direction.