To Insert Dimension for a Sphere
1. Click Annotate > Dimension or click Reference Dimension. The Select Reference dialog box opens.
2. Select one of the following reference options on the Select Reference dialog box:
— Any reference on an entity or surface. Click the arrow next to the icon and select one of the following reference type:
any reference
— Tangent point to an arc or circle.
3. Select the spherical geometry that you want to dimension. The selected geometry is highlighted.
A ghost image of the dimension appears. You can right-click and select the dimension type as Spherical radius (SR) or Spherical diameter () on the shortcut menu. You can drag the ghost image and specify a location to place the new dimension.
Middle-click to complete creating the dimension. You are still in the dimensioning mode and you can create another dimension.
4. Middle-click or click in the graphics area to complete the dimension creation. The Dimension ribbon is visible. You can either modify the existing dimension or create a new dimension.