To Create Driving Dimension Annotation Elements
1. Define the active annotation orientation before creating the first annotation in any session by selecting an annotation orientation from the Annotation Planes gallery or using the Annotation Plane Manager dialog box. To access the Annotation Plane Manager dialog box, click Annotate > Annotation Planes > Annotation Plane Manager.
You can use either a Named orientation or a frozen Reference plane to create Driving Dimensions Annotation Elements (DDAEs). Flat-to-screen annotation orientations are not supported for DDAEs.
If you skip step 1, then Creo Parametric uses the default active annotation orientation.
2. Select a one or more valid features or components.
3. Click Annotate > Show Annotations. The Show Annotations dialog box opens and the dimensions are displayed in the tabbed page.
4. Select the dimensions to convert and click Apply. The selected dimensions are converted to DDAEs and assigned to the active combination state. These DDAEs are visible in the graphics window, that is, their status is shown.
Note that the menu option, command, and toolbar are not available when all dimensions are converted to DDAEs.
Creo Parametric creates DDAEs in the annotation plane in the selected features or components. If any dimensions are not converted, Creo Parametric displays a message in the message area that one or more dimensions were not converted to DDAEs.