Controlling the Display of Dimension Tolerances
Control the display of dimension tolerances by setting configuration options and tolerance values. Dimension tolerance values are displayed as one of the following:
nominal—Without tolerance
limits—Upper and lower limits
plusminus—Upper and lower tolerance
plusminussym—Nominal with single tolerance
plusminussym_super—Same as plusminussym. However, displays the plus-minus tolerance value at the half-way point of the dimension text extending upwards.
The order by which you set the configuration options to display dimensional tolerances is:
Configuration Option
1. Display tolerance
tol_display to yes
2. Set default type of tolerance display
Detail option default_tolerance_mode to nominal, limits, plusminus, plusminussym, or plusminussym_super
3. Set display to 1000
display_tol_by_1000 to yes
4. View tolerance values in 2D (Drawing mode only)
display_dwg_tol_tags to yes
Creo Parametric can multiply a tolerance value for nonangular dimensions by 1000. The tolerance value is displayed in the graphics area (only) as x, but is interpreted by Creo Parametric0.00x.