Controlling Material Display on the Model Tree
Use the following procedure for controlling material display on the Model Tree:
1. On the Model Tree, click and then click Tree Filters. The Model Tree Items dialog box opens.
2. Under Display, select the Materials check box.
The Materials check box is selected by default. Clear it if you do not want to display materials on the Model Tree. Alternatively, use the configuration option modeltree_show_materials for controlling material display on the Model Tree. The default value of this configuration option is yes.
3. Click the Materials tab.
4. Use the following options to decide what to display on the Model Tree:
Select the System material (PTC_SYSTEM_MTRL_PROPS) check box to display the system material PTC_SYSTEM_MTRL_PROPS.
Select the Unassigned materials check box to display all the materials that are added to the part. Clear this check box to hide the materials that are not assigned to any body or not set as the master material.
5. Click Apply > OK.