To Change the Orientation of a Circular Dimension
A circular dimension is created when you select a circular entity as a reference when creating a dimension. You can change the orientation of the circular dimension to radius, diameter, angular, or arc length type.
To change the orientation of a circular dimension:
1. Select the circular dimension for which you want to change the orientation. The Dimension ribbon tab becomes active.
2. Click Orientation, and select one of the following orientation type from the list:
Radius — The dimension appears with the letter ‘R’ as the suffix and the radius value.
Diameter — The dimension appears with the diameter sign as the suffix and the diameter value.
Angular — The dimension appears with the angular value.
Arc Length — The dimension appears with the arc length value.
For a complete circular entity with no vertices as a reference, you can orient the circular dimension only as radius or diameter type.
3. Click in the graphics area to confirm the reorientation of the selected circular dimension.
You can select only one circular dimension to change the orientation. If you select multiple circular dimensions, the orientation option is not available for selection.