Tip: Using Configuration File Options to Modify the Number of Decimal Places
Using the options in the Precision group in the Dimension ribbon tab, you can modify the number of digits for individual tolerances. This resets a tolerance to a default value corresponding to the specified number of decimal places. You can then change the value of individual tolerances.
The value in the Precision group depends on the setting of the default_dim_num_digits_changes configuration option:
If you set it to yes (the default), the system sets the number of digits to the last value you entered. Also, when you create dimensions, it defaults to the number of digits associated with the Num Digits setting.
If you set it to no, it bases the value on the configuration file option default_dec_places. Also, it defaults to the value in default_dec_places for created dimensions.
When a dimension appears in dual units, the system calculates the tolerance value of secondary units so that it is always within the limits established by the tolerance values in primary units. Thus, truncating, rather than rounding, to the secondary tolerances may occur.